Dance Play List

DANCE PLAY LIST Draft 2 Jan. 20

Draft 2 of the Play List for ‘THE SPRING WORKHOP’ 2019 is now uploaded here.  I would appreciate it if you could pass the list along to anyone who is coming and is not on facebook.  I have left room to add few dances in the Final Play List in March.

As a special treat I asked the Community Centre and they are going to let us keep on dancin’ until 11:45. However, there will be performances from Simon and Maddison for which I have to allow time. 

If anyone has suggestions for some easier options for the harder dances, possibly older dances that we all know, they will be gratefully received.

April will come around before we know it!!!

NOTE:  For anyone who hasn’t been to one of my workshops before, I always have a set play list of dances that will be played during open dance in the afternoon workshop and then at the Evening Dance.   As well as the play list, dances taught during the afternoon will be quickly reviewed during the evening dance, plus there are performances, a raffle draw, etc. It is very tricky to estimate how much time will be needed for all the dances and everything else that goes on at the event so there is a chance that DJ Adam won’t have time to play every single dance on the final list; he will try his best though.