The Spring Workshop 2016

Thanks so very much to everyone who came to have fun at The Spring Workshop.  Rob and JP did a fantastic job of teaching and there was a fantastic atmosphere particularly at the evening dance as they joined in with everyone on the dance floor and then …..  THE BEAST!   You must check out the videos.

This was a sold-out workshop with a waiting list which was very gratifying.  We couldn’t do the event without the dancers signing up and we appreciate each and every one of you.

JP and Rob taught an excellent mix of dances so there was something for everyone.

JP taught:  ‘Vacation’, ‘Baby Don’t Dance’ and also Maria Maag’s latest ‘Empty Space’.  So even if Maria couldn’t be with us, we thought of her while we danced her dance.

Rob taught:   ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’,  ‘Moon Trance’,  ‘Rum Is The Reason’ and
‘Jumpin’ In The Morning’

The Event Dance seemed to go over very well:  Within two days this dance reached the top of the Copperknob and Linedancer charts and there have been 24 videos of the dance made to date.  One of the videos has had over 62,000 views.  Thanks so much to all the instructors who have taught it and the dancers who have danced it.

‘Solo Amor’  –  click here for step sheet and videos.

The highlight of the evening dance was Rob’s and JP’s performance of ‘The Beast’ and then dancing it a second time with back-up dancers, those who got up to do it did a terrific job, I reckon you could go on the road!!  It was so much fun to watch.

Rob is an icon in the line dance world and it was a real thrill and honour to have him teach and dance with us.   What a fabulous guy, so talented and professional and at the same time completely genuine and down to earth and so much fun to be around.  JP is definitely on his way up, as well as demonstrating what a talented choreographer he is, he delighted the dancers with his friendliness and warmth.  He always seemed to be surrounded by smiling dancers when he was teaching or joining everyone else on the dance floor.

A very special thanks to the both of them for traveling so far to be with us.

RAFFLE:   I should add that generous dancers raised $750 for the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children buying raffle tickets .  Many thanks to Dale McNeil for making the baskets yet again, they looked fabulous.  Also to Valarie Keller for her donation of a complimentary pass to Dancin’ For Miracles 2016.  Another dancer won a free pass to The Spring Workshop 2017.  She immediately signed it and handed it over to me to make sure she will get her space!!   The date will be April 29 so book it in your calendar.  We also have the date for April 2018 — April 15.

To find out what the dancers thought of ‘The Spring Workshop’ plus find links to more photos and videos do check out the facebook page, link as follows:

The Spring Workshop – Facebook Page


Brunch With The Stars:   On the Sunday a group of dancers signed up to have Brunch with Rob and JP.  It was an experiment but everyone agreed they definitely want to do it again next year!   We had a great time and there was a lot of laughter as the dancers had the opportunity to chat with our Stars as well as the other dancers without anyone rushing away to get on the dance floor!!