Guest Instructors 2017

**ROY VERDONK from The Netherlands**ROY VERDONK

This will be Roy’s second visit to Canada but the first time in Toronto.   Roy is the winner of many awards, *Best Choreographer, Best Teacher; *Line Dance Awards in the Hall of Fame;  *First European to win in the Hall of Fame.   Roy was also the first European to receive the title ‘Superstar in Line Dance’.  He teaches and coaches many of the current LD World Champions and Megastar dancers in his own well known studio, The Dutch Dance Academy.   The Roy Verdonk Dancers team performs all over the world and consists of World Champions and Megastar Dancers.  Roy’s choreography also achieves international success.  We are honoured that he agreed to come over for “The Spring Workshop” and eagerly look forward to learning from him.



Guillaume is currently riding high with the number one dance on the Linedancer charts ‘The Queen’ and the widely popular ‘Just Dance Dance Dance’ written with Jose Miguel Belloque Vane.  Guillaume started dancing 13 years ago; within a year he was teaching his own class which he taught for six years.  He choreographed his first dance in 2005 and then started teaching at Workshops in France.   He decided to try his hand at competing and won Megastar WCDF, Superstart UCWDC, and Gold Medal WCLDSF.  This is one talented young man and we are thrilled that he will be joining us at ‘The Spring Workshop’ in 2017.  This will be his first visit to Canada so let’s give him a hearty welcome!