I have been honoured to host internationally renowned choreographers as the Guest Instructors at THE SPRING WORKSHOP as you will see below.

It has been a tradition for Fred and me (Vivienne!) to write a dance with our guest instructors for the event.  Most have rocketed to the top of the charts and numerous videos have been made of the dances e.g. over 20 videos have been made of ‘Open Hearts’ alone and now 24 of ‘Solo Amor’.  We are very grateful to all the instructors and dancers who have taken such an interest in these dances.

(click on the dance name for the step sheet and videos)


2008  KIM RAY & ROBERT LINDSAY – Event Dance:  ‘Our First Love’

2009  LIZZIE CLARKE & ANDREW and SHEILA – Event Dance ‘Do That Again?’

2010  ROBBIE MCGOWAN HICKIE & KATE SALA – Event Dance ‘Dr. Flame’

2011  CRAIG BENNETT & DEE MUSK – Event Dance ‘Latin Crazy’

2012  MAGGIE GALLAGHER – Event Dance ‘Wanna Fly’

2013  RIA VOS & KARL HARRY WINSON – Event Dance ‘From Latin With Love’

2014  KATE SALA & JOSE MIGUEL BELLOQUE VANE – Event Dance ‘Open Hearts’

2015  CRAIG BENNETT & DANIEL WHITTAKER – Event Dance ‘Who We Are’

2016    ROB FOWLER & JP MADGE — Event Dance, our biggest hit ever, number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic  ‘Solo Amor’

2017  ROY VERDONK & GUILLAUME RICHARD  — Event Dance, reached Number 1 on Copperknob ‘Numero Una’