What a wonderful day!

My house now feels very quiet!! My guests have all left!!   What a wonderful time we had with them.   From the CN Tower to Niagara Falls they were the most enthusiastic tourists you could ever wish to have visit!

But too soon Saturday morning arrived and I left my husband Michael to make a big breakfast for the guys and bring them along to the Hall. We had the biggest crowd ever this year and there were 280 dancers on the dance floor.

Thanks so much to Donna Marino and Chris Harris for handling the check-in so patiently and efficiently with help from Amina Odabashian, all of whom also worked non-stop helping out during the day. Also to all my other friends who came early in the morning to help set up and worked tirelessly the whole day making sure there was plenty of cold water, tea and coffee always available for the dancers …. Caroline Smardenkas who made those wonderful flowers you will see in the photos, Geri Amyot, Sharlene, Lorraine Cobden, Dale McNeil who also made the Raffle Gift Baskets, Brenda Colclough and to Cynthia Skublak who was everywhere! And to everyone else who lent a hand whenever it was needed.

And, of course, to our wonderful guests, Roy Verdonk and Guillaume Richard. They did the most amazing job, what talented guys they are and hilarious at the same time, we all laughed so much that I know my sides ached!! It was such a honour to have them with us. They did not stop moving from beginning to end. When they weren’t teaching they were dancing with everyone or chatting and socializing. They taught a terrific mix of dances as follows:

Roy: Sepanjang Jalen, The Ghost of You, Clown
Guillaume: Bollywood, Honest, Run Me Like A River

Event Dance written by Roy, Guillaume, Fred and myself.  Click on title for Step Sheet and Videos:
Numero Una

Roy’s dances filled the floor, in particular ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ and ‘Take Me To The River’. Dancers also packed the floor for Guillaume’s ‘So Just Dance, Dance, Dance’ and ‘The Queen’, but there were many more of both these choreographers’ dances on the play list by request. It was such a thrill and honour to dance our favourite dances with the actual choreographers, I know I was in awe.

Last year we were afraid that we would run out of dances towards the end of the evening so we added more this year and by the time 11:30 rolled around there were still quite a few we weren’t able to play. However, what both Roy and Guillaume remarked on was that literally the whole evening the floor was full. On some occasions the floor was split with a very easy dance, for example there were dancers enjoying an energetic ‘Tush Push’ as an option for ‘Keep It Groovin’!! Thanks to Fred and his backup Eddie! for keeping the energy level high, they did a great job.

A highlight of the evening were performances by our two stars. Roy’s ad hoc funky and humorous routine was thoroughly enjoyed by the dancers. It was followed by Guillaume’s breathtaking championship performance that was acknowledged by cheers at the end. Thanks so very much to them both for coming so far to join us and for their non-stop energy and good fellowship. They definitely have added a Toronto chapter to their fan clubs!

I should add that we all had a great time at ‘Brunch With The Stars’ on the Sunday. With just under 50 of us all together, we ate well and laughed a lot!! Roy and Guillaume had a terrific time. The Brunch has proven very successful and we will do it again next year for sure!

Special thanks to all the dancers who came from near and far, it was so gratifying to see so many smiling faces filling the Hall. We most definitely couldn’t do it without you and appreciate your support so very much.

Note:   Many thanks to the generous dancers who raised $800 in the Raffle. $550 has gone to the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and $250 will go to the Line Dance Foundation. Our thanks to Valarie Keller (Dancin’ For Miracles), Michele Carver (Fun On The Dance Floor), Marthe Thibeault, Carol Laroque, Colette Godon-Proulx and Pierette Vincent Schroder (NCLDC) for their donations of Complimentary passes to their upcoming events. Also to Carolyn Beer and Caroline Smardenkas for donating their refunds to the Raffle pot. Dale’s wonderful baskets were popular prizes and I added into the pot two complimentary passes to ‘The Spring Workshop 2018’.


Niagara-on-the-Lake/Niagara Falls/CN Tower  —  The Spring Workshop — Brunch With the Stars


Update: Afternoon Dances

Just to let you know that the following are the dances that will be played in open dancing during the Afternoon Workshop:

The Queen, Oops Baby/Islands In The Stream, Ticket To The Blues, Blue Ain’t Your Color, Tango With Me Darling/Jo ‘n Jo Tango, Moonlight Madness, So Just Dance Dance Dance/Sunshine In My Pocket, Cry Cry Cry, Take Me To The River, Dream Lover, Imelda’s Way

See you all soon!

‘The Spring Workshop’ – Sold Out

Just to let you know that even with the three Halls ‘The Spring Workshop’ with Roy and Guillaume is now sold out. I will be keeping a waiting list so if you are interested in coming but haven’t registered yet do let me know and I will add your name to the list.

Thanks so much to everyone for such an amazing response, Roy and Guillaume are very excited at coming over the pond to meet you all!

The doors will open at 11 a.m. and the workshop will start at 12 noon. We will take a dinner break at 5 p.m. and the doors will open again at 6:30 with the Evening Proceedings starting at 6:45.

Brunch With The Stars, April 30

We had a wonderful time with Rob and JP last year at our First Ever Sunday ‘Brunch With The Stars’ at The Mandarin.  Over 40 dancers attended and there was much laughter and fun!   By the way, the food was excellent as well!  I do hope you will join us either for the first or second time this April.  It will give you the opportunity to socialize with Roy and Guillaume as well as your fellow line dancers without having to interrupt your conversation to jump up on the dance floor!

You can download the flyer/invitation below:

Brunch With The Stars Flyer/Invitation 2017

For anyone staying over at the host hotel, this restaurant is close by.   I hope you will join us before you start your journey home.




Tremendous Response

There has been such a tremendous response to ‘The Spring Workshop 2017′ that we reached the maximum number of dancers that would fit into our space comfortably by the end of January.   As a result, to avoid disappointing many dancers I have booked the third hall at the Community Centre.   For those who haven’t been to one of our events, there are three halls all the same size and in the past we have used two of these halls.

However, there will still be a limit on the number of dancers in order to ensure that the space remains comfortable for both dancin’ and for the seating arrangements.   So do get your registration form in as soon as you can.

Thanks so very much to everyone who has already registered for The Spring Workshop, your support is much appreciated.   Happy dancin’ all!

Crystal Boot Award Nominees coming to The Spring Workshop!

We are truly honoured that ROY VERDONK will be joining us at The Spring Workshop next April 29. Roy has been nominated for THREE Crystal Boot Awards. They are:
*International Choreographer of the Year
*Intermediate Dance of the Year for
‘Take Me To The River’ (co-written with Jonas Dahlgren)
and ‘Corazon Diamante’ (co-written with Gary O’Reilly and Maggie Gallagher)

Our other talented Guest Instructor GUILLAUME RICHARD has also been nominated for a Crystal Boot Award for:
*Improver Dance of the Year — ‘So Just Dance Dance Dance!’ (co-written with Jose Miguel)

Don’t miss the chance to learn and dance with Roy and Guillaume. Registrations are coming in quickly and space is limited.

Hope to see you there!

Roy Verdonk & Guillaume Richard will be joining us for The Spring Workshop 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Roy Verdonk from The Netherlands and Guillaume Richard from France will be our Guest Instructors at ‘The Spring Workshop’ on April 29, 2017 and we will be having ‘Brunch With The Stars’ on the 30th.  Flyer and Registration Form are under ‘Event Details’.  Hope you will join us.

Happy dancin’ everyone!