The Spring Workshop Report 2018


What a dramatic start — an historic ice storm hits Ontario!!!! Unfortunately quite a few dancers from far afield couldn’t make the workshop and we did miss them. I was so sorry, if I could have negotiated with the weather to wait a day or so, I would have done so! However, as you will see from the photos a large group of dancers ventured out into that rotten weather determined not to miss the opportunity to dance and learn from superstar **Maggie Gallagher**. We have been dancing Maggie dances for many years and it was wonderful to have her join us as we worked our way through many of her dances on the dance play list.

Maggie also taught us some fantastic new dances:  Celtic Duo, What I Miss Most, Tightrope, Cards On The Table, Save Me Tonight

To give Maggie a break I taught ‘Home We’ll Go’

Maggie gave her all.  She is so immensely talented, in dance, choreography and instruction.   She was either on the dancefloor or socializing, she just didn’t stop!   Maggie brings such genuine warmth with her.  She is such a lovely personality, she had time for everyone, chatting, posing for photos and just generally being part of the gang.  This was the second time that Maggie has stayed with my family and most definitely what you see is what you get!  She is the genuine article and such a pleasure to be around.  Even my little grandchildren were soon under her spell!!   It was a real honour to have her at The Spring Workshop, I am sure no-one will forget this occasion.   Thank you so very much Maggie for flying over the pond to join us, you have left some wonderful memories behind.


NEW HALL:  I was unable to book our usual venue but was excited when after looking at numerous halls I discovered Estonian Hall on Broadview Avenue.  It had key criteria:  Good size, smooth wooden floor, large stage, reasonable parking, easy access from the Don Valley and also transit.  I really liked the high wooden ceiling with the feel of Europe to it and the management was very helpful.  It did mean I had to limit numbers and it was sold out at 170 dancers.  There were some extras – a nice lobby for people to congregate when they wanted a break from the dancing and the bakery was a big hit!   Very clean toilets as well!!!

NEW DJ: Another big change was the DJ.  It was time for Fred and Eddie to be able to dance, socialize and enjoy The Spring Workshop which they did indeed.  I met Adam Collis at the Rotary Charity Fund Raising Dance which I have been doing for 4 years now.   He was very responsive as the DJ there so I asked if he would be willing to take on a line dance event and I was thrilled when he said “Yes”!  Comments I received about him were “The DJ was phenomenal”, “That DJ was amazing”, “He was so good” and so on and so forth.  Indeed Adam did a fantastic job.  As well as playing the music and moving the dances along, he was our MC and was very responsive to the crowd and to Maggie.  Adam came to look at the Hall in the Fall so he had some idea of what we needed and his equipment was excellent.   He worked at balancing the sound so that everyone would be happy, going out of his way to accommodate.    He also brought along lighting which brightened up our banner.   If anyone is looking for a DJ you can find him on facebook under Adam Collis and website    Adam has also agreed to be the DJ for The Spring Workshop 2019 so you will see him again then.

MEAL:   For the first time dancers could book to have a meal at the hall.   This was provided by Toula of Oak Park Eli and I think she did a great job.

We spent a long time setting up, it takes a while to get to know a new hall and I want to thank Geri, Caroline (Caroline made all those wonderful flowers) and Sam,  Dale (who made the raffle baskets and the centre pieces on the tables), Penny & Ernie and Lorraine for their help on the Friday evening.

On the day my thanks go to the kitchen crew, Lorraine in charge, Dale, my non line dancing friends Chris, Claire and Irene, and everyone else who popped in to give them a hand.   Donna and Chris who did the check –in and helped in a multitude of other ways, Ruurd who did a great job with the raffle, Lavina who took over the Door Prizes, and Christopher who was on hand helping out everywhere including at the clean-up when his willingness was absolutely invaluable.   Cynthia did a terrific job helping Maggie with her T-shirts.  Everyone looked very smart in the new style T-shirt, I must say!!  Thanks also to Jim who brought the ice and videoed the dances, to my husband Michael who collected the welcome cake even though I sent him to the wrong Costco! and to all my other dancing friends who pitched in wherever they saw a need.   I have the best friends!

And, of course, my thanks and appreciation to all the dancers who came out in such terrible weather to join us at The Spring Workshop.  You brought such good energy and good humour with you, it was a real pleasure to walk around and see so many smiling faces.   I do hope you will join us next year when THE SPRING WORKSHOP will be on April 27 and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us then!   It will held back at the Thornhill Community Centre.


RAFFLE:   Many thanks to the event directors who donated complimentary passes, Valarie, Carolyn, Michele, Linda, Regina, the Sudbury Instructors, Bobby,  and to Dale for the baskets (and everyone who donated items for them) and Lorraine for the glass pedestal.  The generous dancers raised $750 for the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and The Line Dance Foundation.

PS  My son and little grandsons, Royal and Bishop, came on a surprise visit from LA and little Royal even had a go on the dance floor!!  So nice to have them there to meet my line dance friends.

Click on the circle to see the full photo.  Check out the facebook page for more photos taken by dancers at the event.    The Spring Workshop Facebook Group




DON VALLEY CLOSURE CANCELLED FOR SATURDAY    I have just heard that the planned closure of the Don Valley Parkway for Saturday has been cancelled. Unfortunately it is because they expect some bad weather.    So travel safely everyone and take your time.


RAFFLE at The Spring Workshop


For **The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children** and **The Line Dance Foundation**.   We have some terrific prizes to be won: Beautiful Gift Baskets created by Dale McNeil, Artisan Glass Pedestal Bird Bath made by Lorraine Cobden, Complimentary Passes for 2018 to ‘Dancin For Miracles’ (thanks to Valarie Keller), ‘Aurora Dance Magic’ (thanks to Carolyn Beer), ‘Fun On The Dancefloor’ (thanks to Michele Carver), or ‘The Spring Workshop’ 2019.

3 Tickets for $2, 10 for $5 or 15 for $10.

If you remember perhaps you could bring change with you.

Lunch with Maggie!

Lunch with Maggie April 13 2018 — Details

pdf Lunch with Maggie April 13 2018 – Details

Unfortunately Maggie has to fly back to the UK early Sunday morning so we won’t be able to have brunch with her that day. However, she will be here in time to have lunch with us on the Friday. I am sorry that the timing will mean that those of you with work commitments won’t be able to make it but I will continue the Sunday Brunch tradition again in 2019. Hopefully quite a few of you will be able to join us at ‘The Mandarin’ on the Friday. The Lunch Notice is posted here.

SOLD OUT! ***Maggie Gallagher

Thanks so much to everyone who has registered for The Spring Workshop with Maggie, the event is now sold out. However, if you would like to put your name down on the waiting list do send it along to me.   There is always a chance that a space will open up. I really appreciate all the support and Maggie is very much looking forward to seeing everyone.


I am delighted to announce that the one and only **MAGGIE GALLAGHER** will be the Guest Instructor for The Spring Workshop on April 14 2018.  This will be Maggie’s second time in Canada the first being when she taught at The Spring Workshop in 2012.   Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn and dance with this amazing internationally renown Choreographer/Instructor, the winner of numerous Crystal Boot and International Awards for her Dances/Personality/Outstanding Achievements and also a member of the Linedancer Hall of Fame.   Maggie is an amazing personality and we had so much fun with her last time.

NOTE:   I was unable to book the Thornhill Community Centre due to an annual event that is always held at the only time that Maggie could join us.  I have found a very attractive Hall with a wooden floor, big stage and so on but numbers will be much more limited than at the Community Centre.  If you would like to come and dance with Maggie do send in your registration form as soon as you can.

Registration Form — The Spring Workshop 2018

Flyer – The Spring Workshop 2018

Photo Maggie


The Spring Workshop 2017

My house now feels very quiet!! My guests have all left!!   What a wonderful time we had with them.   From the CN Tower to Niagara Falls they were the most enthusiastic tourists you could ever wish to have visit!

But too soon Saturday morning arrived and I left my husband Michael to make a big breakfast for the guys and bring them along to the Hall. We had the biggest crowd ever this year and there were 280 dancers on the dance floor.

Thanks so much to Donna Marino and Chris Harris for handling the check-in so patiently and efficiently with help from Amina Odabashian, all of whom also worked non-stop helping out during the day. Also to all my other friends who came early in the morning to help set up and worked tirelessly the whole day making sure there was plenty of cold water, tea and coffee always available for the dancers …. Caroline Smardenkas who made those wonderful flowers you will see in the photos, Geri Amyot, Sharlene, Lorraine Cobden, Dale McNeil who also made the Raffle Gift Baskets, Brenda Colclough and to Cynthia Skublak who was everywhere! And to everyone else who lent a hand whenever it was needed.

And, of course, to our wonderful guests, Roy Verdonk and Guillaume Richard. They did the most amazing job, what talented guys they are and hilarious at the same time, we all laughed so much that I know my sides ached!! It was such a honour to have them with us. They did not stop moving from beginning to end. When they weren’t teaching they were dancing with everyone or chatting and socializing. They taught a terrific mix of dances as follows:

Roy: Sepanjang Jalen, The Ghost of You, Clown
Guillaume: Bollywood, Honest, Run Me Like A River

Event Dance written by Roy, Guillaume, Fred and myself.  Click on title for Step Sheet and Videos:
Numero Una

Roy’s dances filled the floor, in particular ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ and ‘Take Me To The River’. Dancers also packed the floor for Guillaume’s ‘So Just Dance, Dance, Dance’ and ‘The Queen’, but there were many more of both these choreographers’ dances on the play list by request. It was such a thrill and honour to dance our favourite dances with the actual choreographers, I know I was in awe.

Last year we were afraid that we would run out of dances towards the end of the evening so we added more this year and by the time 11:30 rolled around there were still quite a few we weren’t able to play. However, what both Roy and Guillaume remarked on was that literally the whole evening the floor was full. On some occasions the floor was split with a very easy dance, for example there were dancers enjoying an energetic ‘Tush Push’ as an option for ‘Keep It Groovin’!! Thanks to Fred and his backup Eddie! for keeping the energy level high, they did a great job.

A highlight of the evening were performances by our two stars. Roy’s ad hoc funky and humorous routine was thoroughly enjoyed by the dancers. It was followed by Guillaume’s breathtaking championship performance that was acknowledged by cheers at the end. Thanks so very much to them both for coming so far to join us and for their non-stop energy and good fellowship. They definitely have added a Toronto chapter to their fan clubs!

I should add that we all had a great time at ‘Brunch With The Stars’ on the Sunday. With just under 50 of us all together, we ate well and laughed a lot!! Roy and Guillaume had a terrific time. The Brunch has proven very successful and we will do it again next year for sure!

Special thanks to all the dancers who came from near and far, it was so gratifying to see so many smiling faces filling the Hall. We most definitely couldn’t do it without you and appreciate your support so very much.

Note:   Many thanks to the generous dancers who raised $800 in the Raffle. $550 has gone to the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and $250 will go to the Line Dance Foundation. Our thanks to Valarie Keller (Dancin’ For Miracles), Michele Carver (Fun On The Dance Floor), Marthe Thibeault, Carol Laroque, Colette Godon-Proulx and Pierette Vincent Schroder (NCLDC) for their donations of Complimentary passes to their upcoming events. Also to Carolyn Beer and Caroline Smardenkas for donating their refunds to the Raffle pot. Dale’s wonderful baskets were popular prizes and I added into the pot two complimentary passes to ‘The Spring Workshop 2018’.


Niagara-on-the-Lake/Niagara Falls/CN Tower  —  The Spring Workshop — Brunch With the Stars